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From action to engine – The LDT-V1 and LDT-V2 take real world lens movements and translate these into actual lens values. This in turn is streamed directly into Unreal Engine, Stage Precision or Disguise. Any lens, any camera and all in the blink of an eye.

How LDT works with virtual production sets

The LDT connects to the Preston MDR, LCUBE, DXL Cmotion FIZ module, Tilta Nucleus, Smart Lens or LDT-E2. It takes the lens position and translates this into real lens values. These encoded values are then sent to Unreal Engine, whilst simultaneously being recorded either in the camera raw files or on an MicroSD card
in the device itself.

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Key benefits for Virtual Production

Lense agnostic

Lens agnostic

The LDT system is designed to work with any lens by using information from the lens control system, already mounted to the lens, or smart lens. When a compatible system is not in play DCS’ own encoders (LDT-E2) can be used to track lens movements.

Camera agnostic

Camera agnostic

When streaming lens information straight into Unreal Engine, the camera is bypassed. However the LDT-V1 and LDT-V2 can also inject metadata into many professional digital cameras.

DCS live link plugin

DCS live link plugin

The DCS Unreal Engine Plugin has been designed to work seamlessly with the LDT system. Taking the lens data and applying it natively to the cine camera actor.


Free DCS Unreal
Plugin and Emulator

Want to trial our system without the hardware? Follow the link below to download our Unreal Engine Plugin from the Unreal Marketplace.

The DCS data emulator is a powerful tool that generates mock data to aid initial set-up and help with troubleshooting.

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