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Technicians Update July 2023


The LDT range is constantly evolving with frequent updates to both firmware and hardware. These aim to address reported issues and enhance the user experience. If you’re already familiar with LDTs, this article is definitely for you as it’s a quick way to get up-to-speed with recent, important changes that will impact your prep and on-set workflow when using the LDTs.

Most recent firmware in brackets.

All LDTs running the most recent firmwares only require calibration from the Preston (or other lens control systems), streamlining the process across the range.

LDT-A2 (1.04) has a known calibration issue with the ALEXA LF. The solution is to disconnect and reconnect the FIZA cables from the camera body after each boot.

LDT-M2 (2.11) introduced a new ‘mapping mode’ for building lens tables. Now the ability to control the Preston motors using a WCU-4 or Hi-5 is not constantly enabled. To get control of the motors for lens mapping enter mapping mode by holding the blue button for 10 seconds. To turn mapping mode off, power cycle the LDT-M2.

Also, The ALEXA 35 initially presented challenges with lens tabling, but the manual now provides specific guidance on how to set-up and troubleshoot motor direction issues when building lens tables. Check it out if you have an upcoming A35 job using the LDT-M2.

LDT-R2/V2 (1.42) received an update with three useful features for prep/filming:

1. Config Files: Save all settings to a config file on the SD card. Load this file onto other units to avoid manual setup. Note; the config files are not cross-compatible between different product categories.

2. Factory Reset: If you encounter issues during setup, perform a factory reset to restore default settings. Most of the factory default settings will apply to your setup, allowing you to focus on mode and lens control settings.

3. Clip Browser: if recording files onto the SD card, you can now check the clips on the SD card through the GUI of the LDT.

For information about our products, visit support.dcs.film, where we are constantly updating and refining detailed manuals, video tutorials, and quick start guides for each setup. If you anticipate needing lens data on a new show, reach out to us for in-person or over-the-phone training and support at support@dcs.film.

Thank you for your continued support of DCS, we welcome all feedback as we continue to try and make the products as user friendly as possible.

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