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Whether recording or streaming lens data, the LDT-R2 has you covered. Compatible with the Red Family, Panavision DXL, Sony Venice and Film Cameras for recording and Unreal Engine for streaming.

Powerful and versatile.

The lens maps are built on the LDT-R2 itself. This data can then be sent straight into the camera RAW files or, recorded as a timecode based CSV on an SD in the device. For Virtual Production use, the lens data is fed into the DCS Unreal Engine plugin.

LDT-R2 overview


Camera compatibility

RED Family, Panavision DXL, Sony Venice, Film camera. If using Unreal Engine the LDT-R2 is Camera Agnostic


L120 x D74 x H30mm


25 Grams

LDT-R2 user manual

User Manual
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