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New Lens Mapping System for the LDT Ecosystem


London – April 2024

DCS is excited to announce a major update to the lens mapping workflow for our LDT (Lens Data Transmitter) ecosystem. Effective April 2024, all lens tabling will be done through the LDT-R2, streamlining the process across various camera systems.

The Old Method Explained

Previously, LDTs compatible with ALEXA cameras (LDT-A2 & LDT-M2) used ARRI’s built-in LDA lens tabling system. This required a computer for large bodies or an ARRI lens control handset for Minis/35 to build lens tables. On the other hand, LDTs used with Sony Venice, RED, and Panavision DXL cameras relied on the built-in lens tabling system in the LDT itself.

The New Unified Approach

With firmware 1.49, the LDT-R2 can now convert lens tables directly within the unit, making them compatible with ALEXA cameras. Here’s how it works:

  1. Build lens tables on the LDT-R2 by calibrating each lens from the lens control system and manually inputting lens engravings into the LDT-R2,
  2. All lenses are automatically saved to the MicroSD card in the DCS .xml format,
  3. For ALEXA cameras, select the “Convert Lens Files” option, creating a new folder with ALEXA-compatible files on the MicroSD.
  4. Transfer these files to an ALEXA-formatted USB stick and load them onto the cameras.
  5. Rig and connect the LDT-A2 and/or LDT-M2 units for the shoot.

Simplified Workflow

With this update, an ARRI Lens Control System is no longer required for mapping lenses. The LDT-R2 can map and convert all lenses, streamlining the process.

If additional lenses are needed during a shoot, rental customers will receive a free-of-charge LDT-R2 when renting only LDT-A2/LDT-M2 units. This ensures you always have a unit on hand to build new lens tables.

DCS Innovations and Customer Feedback

We value customer feedback and strive to improve our products continually. If you have input or feature requests, please contact us at info@dcs.film.

Updated manuals, quick start guides, and a new mapping manual are available on our support site for more information.

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