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Lens Metadata Solutions: An Examination of the Industry’s Best


In the world of virtual production, one factor has become increasingly important: lens metadata. This critical data, detailing elements such as focus, zoom, and shading and distortion is essential for enhancing virtual production workflows and achieving the best possible final product. With several options available in the market, selecting the most comprehensive and effective lens metadata solution can be a daunting task. In this article, we delve into a comparison of key players in the industry.

Loled: An Overview
Loled offers two products for lens metadata solutions: the Glassmark II and the Conduit metadata box. The Glassmark II, priced at $995, is a lens encoder which is mounted to the any lens to build a FIZ profile for that lens. The Conduit metadata box, priced at $1,799, enables Power over Ethernet (PoE), frame sync, and support for other protocols (as of writing only available on pre-order).

However, when compared to other solutions, Loled has some significant limitations. Its products don’t provide lens data recording, and they require an additional app to function. This could introduce potential inefficiencies during production. Furthermore, while compatible with Preston lens control, they do not work with other 3rd party lens controls like C-Force and C-Motion.

HTC: Breaking Into Film Production
HTC has entered the film production market with the VIVE Mars CamTrack, which costs $5,000 and includes other motion tracking hardware. This solution provides accurate camera tracking for live video compositing with lens encoders available soon (price TBD). However, their compatibility with 3rd party lens controls and their ability to receive data from smart lenses is uncertain, leaving some key questions unanswered.

DCS: The Superior Choice in Lens Metadata Solutions
Amid the industry’s options, DCS stands out with its LDT-V2, priced at $10,000. The LDT-V2 is the first and only wireless lens data streaming device and offers comprehensive lens data streaming, recording, and data injection, ensuring ultimate flexibility for each and every stage and production.

What sets DCS apart is its compatibility with 3rd party lens controls, including Preston, C-Force, and C-Motion, offering unmatched flexibility for filmmakers. It’s fully compatible with Unreal Engine (UE) and can seamlessly receive data from smart lenses. All functionalities are encoded within the device, delivering an efficient and seamless film production process. In addition to this, the optional LDT-E2 encoders enable support of any lens regardless of lens control system.

Why DCS is the Clear Winner
Despite the unique features offered by its competitors, DCS emerges as the most comprehensive and versatile lens metadata solution on the market. With superior lens data streaming and recording capabilities and compatibility with a wider range of 3rd party lens controls, DCS provides filmmakers with the tools they need to create high-quality productions efficiently and effectively.

DCS is more than just a lens metadata solutions provider; we’re partners in your creative journey. Our commitment to quality, flexibility, and user-friendly solutions sets us apart from our competitors. We invite you to experience the DCS difference and see how our products can elevate your productions to new heights.

For more information or to arrange a demo of the LDT-V2 contact info@support.dcs.film.

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