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DCS launches LDT-F1: Revolutionising celluloid film production with enhanced on-set monitoring

London, UK – September 11, 2023, Digital Camera Systems (DCS), a leading provider of cutting-edge lens data solutions, is delighted to announce the LDT-F1, a groundbreaking video processing unit that revolutionises celluloid film production.

The LDT-F1 addresses the pain points of traditional celluloid workflows, offering increased on-set monitoring options aligning it with the digital film-making experience, coupled with DCS’ production-proven lens data recording system, all in one package. 

In traditional celluloid film production, filmmakers and crew face numerous challenges that hinder efficiency and impede access to vital information when compared with digital workflows. The lack of video overlay capabilities and a “squeezed” image captured on film due to anamorphic lenses make it difficult to use celluloid cameras as on-set monitors or seamlessly integrate them into digital workflows. The absence of customisable framelines often leads to guesswork for Directors, DOPs, and other crew members, slowing down the on-set decision-making process and causing delays in crucial creative choices. Access to immediate information, such as timecodes, clip details, and camera file renaming, has been limited to those physically present at the camera, leaving others dependent on the camera department.

However, with the introduction of the LDT-F1, these long-standing problems find a comprehensive solution. The LDT-F1 takes in the video tap from the camera and processes the feed applying a digital overlay of live lens and camera information, customisable framelines and a custom desqueeze option for anamorphic lenses. These advances are specifically designed to empower the production team with real-time access to crucial information, enabling them to make informed decisions and perform their tasks with precision and creativity. With the LDT-F1, celluloid film production is elevated to a new level of efficiency and collaboration, transforming the way filmmakers capture their vision and streamlining the creative process.

“We are thrilled to introduce the LDT-F1, a revolutionary all-in-one solution that bridges the gap between celluloid and digital workflows in film production,” said Gary Keller, Operations Manager at DCS. “The LDT-F1 is a game-changer for filmmakers. By providing instant access to critical data like live lens info, footage counter and shutter angle right on the monitor, it eliminates guesswork on set. The built-in framelines and desqueeze features let camera ops, DOPs and directors see their shots clearly, streamlining the creative process. With the LDT-F1, anyone who can see a monitor now has the power to access the information they need, when they need it – empowering the entire filmmaking team.”

The Ultimate Video Processing Unit for Celluloid Film

Custom Anamorphic De-Squeeze
The LDT-F1 provides a custom ratio de-squeeze for the video tap when using  anamorphic lenses, providing accurate on-set image representation on monitors. This allows filmmakers to view captured images in their intended aspect ratios, reducing uncertainty and ensuring accurate visualisation during production.

Customisable Framelines
With the LDT-F1, directors, DOPs, and other team members can access real-time customisable framelines, enabling precise composition evaluation and informed decision-making on set. This feature eliminates the need for guesswork, streamlines the creative process, and enhances efficiency during filming.

Real-time Data Display
The LDT-F1 displays immediate information such as timecodes, clip details, and camera file renaming, empowering the entire production team with crucial data. This eliminates the reliance on physical presence at the camera and provides instant access to vital information, enhancing communication and streamlining workflows on set.

Streamlined Workflow for Post-Production
The LDT-F1 records and captures frame-by-frame lens metadata, facilitating post-production VFX work. This ensures accurate and precise data for post-production teams, enabling seamless integration and enhancing the overall quality of visual effects.

Compatibility with Major Film Cameras
The LDT-F1 is compatible with all major film cameras, making it a versatile and adaptable tool for various production setups. It seamlessly integrates with renowned lens control systems such as Preston, C-Force motors, and C-Motion, ensuring flexibility and convenience for filmmakers.

Pricing and Availability
DCS offers rental and purchase options for the LDT-F1. For pricing details and worldwide shipping.

About DCS
Established in 2017, Digital Camera Systems (DCS) aims to provide simple solutions for capturing frame-by-frame lens data from any lens. Trusted by blockbuster productions like Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, and Star Wars: Andor, DCS lens encoders are compatible with cameras and lenses from ARRI, Panavision, RED, Sony Venice, and more.

For more information, via email at info@dcs.film or call 020 8895 6592

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